Week #22 The Power of Influencing Our Subconscious Thoughts and Processes

What can an ant do to influence an elephant? In the physical world, the elephant may not notice or care about the ant at all, but in the metaphor of the mental world, the ant can influence the elephant. It’s all about how we think, positive or negative. In the mental world within, the metaphor of ant and elephant are often used to describe the relative size of the conscious and subconscious minds. It is intriguing to note that the subconscious elephant, despite its vast size, is sensitive to every nuance of thought from the ant of the conscious mind. The ant pokes with a pin at the elephant’s tough, thick hide, yet is effective at influencing the direction of the elephant, just as a very small rudder can control the direction of a huge ship. So even though all of our unconscious bodily processes such as our breathing, circulatory and digestive systems, to name just a few, are completely, expertly, automatically and unconsciously controlled by our subconscious minds, the thoughts in our conscious minds, positive or negative, influence their operation. In fact all our conscious thoughts influence the thoughts of the subconscious in the events of our daily lives. The influence of the conscious mind is the key in making changes and creating new and better habits so we can live our lives more productively.

Most people live with a negative bias in our conscious thoughts, and in the introduction of the The Master Key Part Twenty-Two, Haanel describes the effect this can have on our physical health:

“The various forms of inflammation, paralysis, nervousness and diseased conditions generally are the manifestation of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred and similar thought…

The problem before us in the healing of disease is to increase the inflow and distribution of vital energy throughout the system, and this can only be done by eliminating thoughts of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, and every other destructive thought, which tend to tear down and destroy the nerves and glands which control the excretion and elimination of poisonous and waste matter.”

It is fascinating and sobering to realize what a huge influence our thoughts have on our physical health and well being, even to the point of using a constant positive mental attitude to heal ailments by eliminating negative thoughts.   The culture we live in generally accepts a negative bias in our thoughts as normal, living in fear, criticism. It is missing out on this power of positive thinking and even laughs at people who do choose to go against the current and think positively, saying that they are “pollyanna’s, pretending everything is wonderful in a corrupt, evil, negative world where bad things are more sure to happen than good things”. They say “you only have to watch the news to see how bad it is”. Perhaps they do not realize that their thoughts are so powerful that they can create that negative reality, or a true positive reality, not the one of the pollyanna’s. To create a positive reality requires the cultivation of a constant positive mental attitude, and surrounding ourselves with people who are doing likewise. This cultivation of a positive mental attitude cannot be done with 10 minutes a day of positive thinking. It is our “predominant mental attitude” that counts, as Haanel states in The Master Key System Part 8.19:

“You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong, and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.”

In order to substitute positive thoughts for the negative ones that come so naturally, it is necessary to work to create a mental image of the positive, as Haanel states in The Master Key System Part 7.4:

“This is another psychological fact which is well known, but unfortunately, reading about it will not bring about any result which you may have in mind; it will not even help you to form the mental image, much less bring it into manifestation. Work is necessary – labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.”

Most people, myself included, lived for so many years thinking that there was some mental caste system, that some people were endowed with the ability to think deeply and were blessed to accomplish great things, and some were just destined to go along with the crowd. What I have found out though, is that the ability for our own personal unique greatness was already put in us by the Creator at the beginning of our lives, and that all we have to do is claim it, access it, and develop our own unique message, our “authentic self”, if you will. At the end of this post, I will give you some suggestions for helping you get on a path to discover your own authentic self.

The Wonderful Influence of a Positive Mental Attitude

So what’s the point of going to all this work to develop a positive mental attitude? Is it easier to just stay the way we are? Well, yes and no. Yes, if you end up discouraged and in despair that there has to be more to life, like I was, and some just choose to stay there. They just seem content to live lives of of “quiet desperation”, and avoid failure by just not trying. But No for me there came a point a few years ago when there is no other choice for me but to seek and find a way out. I am not speaking from a position of having “arrived” or of being your new source of wisdom (I actually want you to learn to think for yourself). It’s just that since I have begun a journey toward a more positive mental attitude, I would like to help you get on that journey with me, if that’s what you want. Is it easier to be positive? I found that once I started developing a positive mental attitude, the cascading effect is making it easier and easier, so I now assert that it actually takes less effort and is easier to continue in positivity that it was to stay in negativity.


Another way of looking at this is that people who choose not to develop a positive mental attitude will not achieve their full potential of who they were created to be, and hence will be inferior, not to others, but to themselves and who they can be. In Scroll VI of his book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino says: “Henceforth, I will know that only those with inferior ability can always be at their best, and I am not inferior”. Og is saying here that people who choose not to develop their abilities, and do not continually strive to be better, have inferior abilities because they don’t want to develop, and hence they are always at their best, as good as they’re going to get, which is inferior, because they have no desire to change.  The reason that I (and you if you choose to join me) am doing the hard mental work, with sweat pouring down the faces of my mind (isn’t that deep? :)), am not always at my best, is that my best is continually improving; it’s the journey – you and I are getting better and better because of our hard work.  So those who choose not to work at it just stay at their best, and do not improve. Again, I say these things as someone working hard on my own journey, inviting you to join me as a peer, not as someone who has all the answers.

So what is the direct influence of a positive mental attitude on the processes with in the body? Haanel states this in The Master Key System Part 22:

“11. Let us see how the action of the subconscious mind over the body differs. You receive a wound; thousands of cells begin the work of healing at once; and in a few days or a few weeks the work is complete. You may even break a bone. No surgeon on earth can weld the parts together (I am not referring to the insertion of rods or other devices to strengthen or replace bones). He may set the bone for you, and the subjective mind will immediately begin the process of welding the parts together, and in a short time the bone is as solid as it ever was. You may swallow poison; the subjective mind will immediately discover the danger and make violent efforts to eliminate it. You may become infected with a dangerous germ; the subjective will at once commence to build a wall around the infected area and destroy the infection by absorbing it in the white blood corpuscles which it supplies for this purpose.

12. These processes of the subconscious mind usually proceed without our knowledge or direction, and so long as we do not interfere the result is perfect; but as these millions of repair cells are all intelligent and respond to our thought, they are often paralyzed and rendered impotent by our thoughts of fear, doubt, and anxiety. They are like an army of workmen, ready to start an important piece of work, but every time they get started on the undertaking a strike is called, or plans changed, until they finally get discouraged and give up.”

From this we can see how the thoughts of our conscious mind can positively or negatively influence the processes in our bodies. But bringing it around to my own personal situation, here are some of the results of a positive mental attitude that I’ve experienced:

  1. I’m happier in all situations, even ones that I would previously have described as negative and unhappy. For example, recently when the gas cap fell off it’s perch and rolled under the car, instead of focusing on the irritation of the falling gas cap, I focused on the fact that I saw where it landed so it was easy to pick up.
  2. I look forward to the adventure of each new day, and generally attack my work with gusto, even things which I do not enjoy doing so much.
  3. I have more strength, vitality, vigor, in the mental and physical than I used to.
  4. I enjoy laughing more, and moments with family more, putting them in their proper place as irreplaceable experiences of the real joy of living.
  5. I plan and succeed with what I set out to do more often, and am developing an expectation of succeeding with a happy knack.
  6. I enjoy the positive influence I have on others in helping them to improve their own positive attitudes and feel better about themselves.
  7. I believe that long term my positive mental attitude will support the amazing processes in my physical body to sustain my physical health and prevent disease.

If this post has touched your heart, and you would like help in going with me on my journey to create a more positive mental attitude, You can check out the course I am taking in this short video.


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Week #21 I’m Never Going Back To My Old School

Ever wondered why you’re in the same place mentally that you were 20, or 10, or 5 or even one year ago? Why nothing has much progressed? Why the same things still bother you? Do you even really know that that means? Or maybe you believed the lie of “that’s just me” or “that’s just the way I am”. Yep, it’s a lie. Mad at me yet? Thinking “who does this guy think he is?”. Well, read on. If this is you, I was right there with you. I thought all these things and more up until a few years ago. I believed that thoughts didn’t matter, negative or positive. That I was destined to live a life of quiet desperation and that others who were more successful than I was were just destined that way, as was I destined to live life the way I was, and there was nothing I could do about it. WRONG! A shift happened a few years ago when something shifted in what I now know is my world within, the world of my thoughts. I actually began seeking the change I knew I’d been craving for some 15 years, trying to figure out why some people are successful and seem to accomplish everything easily with a happy knack, and others like me, struggle and bite and scratch and seem to get out less than we put in. Why did this shift occur? Maybe it was because of all my seeking of the answer of successful vs unsuccessful. Dunno. Doesn’t matter. Sure glad it did, tho. If had not had this personal epiphany a few years ago and realized that thoughts DO matter, and started on a path to greater positivity, I would have written the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) course off as just so much more positive thinking mumbo jumbo, perpetrated by another of those groups of (albeit well meaning) fanatics who want to make money off other people’s misery by trying to deceive them into thinking they can really create lasting change. That’s what I thought, anyway. But my change of mind a few years ago and little bit of positive thinking created a mind open enough to jump in to the MKMMA course, and I’m so glad I did.

In MKMMA we’ve been taught to actually slow the heck down and think. That’s right, think. That it’s ok. It’s ok to sit and think. Really. It’s ok to get off the careening freight train or rocketing jet plane or racing automobile of of your life to stop and figure out who the heck you really are, why you’re here and what you’re supposed to do. It’s ok. Your life won’t pass you by while you’re doing it, the Joneses don’t need to be kept up with, the guy with the pin level just above you doesn’t matter, the impending economy crash isn’t important, we can’t change the wars that are threatening to overtake us, we’re really not doomed, if we choose to think. Even if some of that stuff does happen, if we learn to think deeply and wisely, to live from the inside with our definite major purpose as our roadmap, we can live that thus far elusive life. 90% of what we’re fed by influences like the media and culture for our minds and the fast and processed food industry to our bodies is total crap and is rotting us from the inside out. And it’s all carefully designed to do just that. And the worst part is that it’s designed to stop us from thinking independently, from realizing the Creator given mandate we ALL have for greatness. That everything was already put in us from the beginning. Time for a vid to illustrate what I mean, from a wise philosopher and rock musician, Larry Norman, who had a huge influence on me earlier in my life.

I haven’t ever done drugs or alcohol or cigarettes like he talks about in the song, but one line is me, and still hits me big every time I hear it:
But you’ve never hung around enough to find out who you really are.

That’s me. Always so busy doing “stuff” wanting to get it done, and not really knowing why i’m doing it or why it’s important to me. Then comes the lines that lead me to the search for who I really am:

Think back to when you were a child,
Your soul was free, your heart ran wild,
Each day was different, and life was a thrill,
You knew tomorrow would be better still,
Things have changed you’re much older now,
If you’re unhappy and you don’t know how,
Why don’t you look into Jesus, He’s got the answer

I did look into Jesus, and He still has the answer for my life, but I found out that I must do the mental work to take ownership of that answer. To let my heart run wild, imagine, know a better tomorrow from my world within.

While you’re ruminating on those thoughts, here’s a digression on thoughts about how I think. One thing I did figure out or recognize or something just this week is why I’m inserting so many songs into these blog posts: I’ve always thought in songs. Throughout my life I’ve taken songs whose music and lyrics have powerfully affected me and woven them into the tapestry of my being and thinking, allowing them to percolate and perhaps help analyze what I was going through. But listening to that song or any other song didn’t cause any lasting change, although it’s a fun emotional experience while I’m listening to it. But I digress, like I said. I am supposed to be telling you a how I moved forward on my journey.

It’s been said before that we are creatures of habit, and that is a more profound truth than seems obvious at first. A change of thinking and thought leading to new mental habits takes hard mental work – it’s not as easy as listening to a song, or making a decision to change inside. That’s a good start, but it’s just the start. In the Master Key system Part 7, Charles Haanel says to visualize a clear, beautiful, unlimited mental image of your future which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge:

3. Make the image clear and clean-cut, hold it firmly in the mind and you will gradually and constantly bring the thing nearer to you. You can be what “you will to be.”

4. This is another psychological fact which is well known, but unfortunately, reading about it will not bring about any result which you may have in mind; it will not even help you to form the mental image, much less bring it into manifestation. Work is necessary – labour, hard mental labour, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.

Haanel elaborates further on how to empower our new mental mental image in Part 21:

6. Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesirable tendencies. This will remove innumerable petty and annoying obstacles from your path. You also become conscious of a larger world of thought, thereby increasing your mental capacity as well as placing yourself in position to accomplish something of value.

The old adage of “thinking big” was never more true than in the world within of our thoughts. The tragedy is that although we have everything we need inside us to change, few of us, including for years and years until now, are willing to put in the ongoing, continuous, persistent mental effort to change. We stay stuck in our “Old School” – those habits formed by ourselves and all those loving and well meaning people in our lives, that tell us how and what to think, the habits and patterns and synapses established long ago, the thoughts that wire together and fire together reinforcing who we are, even if it’s inside a cage of our own making, preventing us from realizing and living as our authentic selves.

But as for for me, now that I’m on this journey, I’m Never Going Back To My Old School…

So how about you? Are you going to stay where you are, or create a big thinking mental image and move forward? Do you want to jump ahead at warp speed…

If so, here’s check out the link to your mental jump to warp speed, and sign onto the list for further info…

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Week #20 Plan Fearlessly, Execute Masterfully, Get Back To Your Future!

I decided after writing this that it was too serious so I came back up here to the future to insert some mind candy to hook you into continuing to read before I got into the important stuff, that which if I didn’t prepare and open your mind first with a little bit of humour and levity, would just sound like more blah, blah, blah, and you’d quit reading after the first sentence thinking, “gee this guy writes a lot of blah, blah, blah, and there’s this cute kitty video on YouTube I’d rather watch anyway, so see ya, blah blah blah guy!” I promise you that there’s more surprises and fun at the end if you stick it out, and the stuff in between has value too, if you think about it and decide to apply it to your wonderful life. Oh what the heck, here’s a kitty video for you right here so you don’t have to leave, with a twist:

So now, would it be ok if we got back to the future?…

For me has been a week of transition, reorganization, observation of churn and wheel spinning, realizing that there really is a different way to live, other than reacting to every situation that comes along and realizing that I will never be or feel finished if I keep on doing things the way I’ve always done them. I’m realizing that planning life really can work, that a plan is useful and even necessary, not just to get things done, not just to live a productive and fulfilled life, but also to FEEL like I’m doing those things! This is where true success, fulfillment and doing my best really take on meaning. Meeting my true needs, the deep, deep ones, my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs), drilling down into the core of my existence, where the real stuff lives, is beginning to take place. When that happens I get transported to the happy place of accomplishing all that I set out to do with a happy knack, never stressed, not fussed, knowing that I am doing what I should be doing at that moment. My formerly comfortable old blueprint way of living, feeling like there’s so much to do and I only ever scratch the surface and I just keep adding to a list of jobs that gets longer and longer and longer (and longer), is comfortable no more. In the old blueprint, procrastination was necessary because there were just so many things to do, that each task got put off without any analysis of whether they were the right things or not in the right situation in the right space, or even the right universe.  And let’s not even get into the myth of “efficiency through multitasking”.  But the ensuing chaos of unraveling the old blueprint, like opening a garage full of accumulated junk, has many times tempted me to not continue, chuck it all, and just go back to the way I was before. I understand and am comforted by the knowledge that this is a pretty common reaction, as illustrated in this short clip, starting at about 1:11:

So despite the fact that the old blueprint is comfortable and familiar, it is far from fulfilling to me, so I’m willing and committed to continue riding the chaos of the rapids on the Hero’s Journey because the reward is another arrival in the beautiful, calm mountain lake, where I can see the reflection and reality of my developing authentic self. But I say “another arrival”, because in order to continue on the Hero’s Journey I must exit the lake into another set of rapids to navigate through the next challenge, and the next, and so on. To stay at an arrival means to stop growing, stop discovering my authentic self, and stop fulfilling my destiny.

Navigating rapidsserene mountain lake

After all these months of work on my world within, I’m finally starting to observe my old blueprint, my old self, for the counterfeit it really is, supporting the denial of my authentic self that has always been there, who I was made to be, who I was meant to be, recognizing my uniqueness. The old blueprint has covered up and encased me in mental cement, helped along by every well meaning person that has come along with that heaping bucket of cement and a trowel and said, “I want you to be you and think for yourself, but here, let me help you by slapping on some on of this comfy cement – this is the way you should think, act, feel, react”. Because until a few years ago I never took a step back, assessed the situation, and observed what was really going on, I was just saying to the person with the trowel: OK that must be the way I should think, act, feel and react because you are telling me so. I just accepted it. But as I started making that assessment, I found that the true power of creativity and living a life of meaning, productivity and uniqueness lies in thinking as being the “true business of life”, stated by Haanel in Part 20.4 of the Master Key System:

“Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result. You are at all times dealing with magical power of thought and consciousness. What results can you expect so long as you remain oblivious to the power which has been placed within your control?”

So if I give into the chaos of the rapids, refuse to think, and just go back to the way I was before, I become someone who does things the default way, the way they’ve always been done, limiting myself to “superficial conditions”. Doing this requires me to do the most work, and is almost always the hardest and most unfulfilling way, as stated in Part 20.5:

“So long to do this you limit yourself to superficial conditions, and make of yourself a beast of burden for those who think; those who recognize their power; those who know that unless we are willing to think we shall have to work, and the less we think the more we shall have to work, and the less we shall get for our work.”

Speaking of the most work, the so called 40x40x40 plan that those of us who have embarked on the Hero’s Journey are working on escaping, fits the bill – work 40 hrs a week for 40 years and retire at 40% of our income (probably less now), then get a job at Home Depot because the 40%- isn’t enough to live on. For me, I’m so grateful that I finally realized in year 33 of 40 that something had to change. No wait a second, I really wasn’t that profound. I just joined a network marketing company and found out that I only had lottery odds of succeeding unless I built a better “me” that others would want to work with. I realize now that something had to change, but only because I went out and started changing it.

Then there’s the “planning can really work, and it’s useful and even necessary” thing I mentioned earlier. I used to think I was so smart that I could keep a plan in my head and that I didn’t really need one anyway because I was executing perfectly and measuring results intrinsically. I laugh as I write that because that “plan” got me to year 33 out of 40 with nowhere near the results I now see are possible with a written life plan. I have now learned that a plan that is not written down doesn’t really exist; it’s just a wish. We’ve all heard that phrase “it’s just a wish” so many times that it becomes like that glossy neon sign we drive by every day but don’t really see, and heck I’m pretty lazy and don’t want to write stuff down. But I must, because the written plan comes from the thinking that leads to the power, which leads to the imagination, which leads to the ability to create said plan fearlessly and execute it masterfully, as stated in The Master Key System part 20.8:
“When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself — is you — you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.”

So how to create that written plan? One way is the OATS system I mentioned in last week’s blog, shared simply and eloquently here by Mark J:

As for how my Hero’s Journey of self discovery came about in the first place, I heard about the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course from a very dear friend of mine, which Mark J and his wife, The Fabulous Davene created to take you Back To the Future you never had, which is what it’s doing for me:

Here’s the link they referred to in the video: http://worldslaziestnetworker.com/mkmma/

Ok, now, getting back to future once again… (this bit was added after I went back to the top of this to add in more fun stuff so it wouldn’t be too boring, to get you to read to this point). Anyway, If you didn’t think the Hawaiian DeLorean time machine was fun enough (I certainly did, I could have stopped there – I want a ride up to 88 mph with the time circuits on, Mark!), here’s some more fun as promised:

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Week #19 I Will Live This Day as My Last – No Pity Summit, Only a Hero’s Journey!

Well this week no fancy blog, cause I’m not feeling so fancy, unless maybe I think of an inspiring song or video before I finish writing this. This week it feels like my old blueprint, my new blueprint, my current self, my past self, and my future self are all fighting each other. That’s five of me all vying for position, trying to get to the front of the line and buy the ticket to the personal peace and satisfaction resort destination. But why? I’m just kinda thinking out loud and masterminding with all those guys, so don’t worry, you can keep reading without fear of getting sucked over the event horizon of a personal pity black hole (for more info, google black holes and event horizons and prepare to be fascinated or bored to sleep), cause there will be no embedded invitation to my pity party, cause there isn’t going to be a pity party. But if there was, it would be much bigger than a pity party, more like a pity festival or pity summit with all the world leaders in self-pity in attendance. Cause I think big. Really BIG! Even when it comes to thinking small and defeated. My old selves (old blueprint, past self) want to keep me from the Hero’s Journey, the current self (no clever name for him) isn’t so sure, and the new guys (new blueprint, future self) want me to assume a power pose, say “Stop It! Just STOP IT!” to my old selves, and get on with it! Yeah, the Stop It thing is stolen from a video, more specifically a Bob Newhart sketch. I still laugh every time I watch it, which is why I want to stop writing this and watch it now, and also to give you a break from the tedium of reading my writing :)

Stop it!! Just Stop it!! There’s no time for fear, there’s no time for procrastination, there’s no time for indecision, there’s no time for fiddling, for wasting nonrenewable resources like time. Having read “I will live this day as if it is my last” over and over (and over) in Scroll V of “The Greatest Salesman In the World” for in the past two weeks, I am coming to the even more keen realization that there’s no time to waste in frivolous time wasting activities. But it’s not just a matter of sweeping the mental house clean of junk activities, which make the mind and spirit fat and lazy like junk food makes the body fat and lazy. I need to be more deliberate and diligent with my time and weekly OATS (Objectives, Actions, Time, Schedule It), scheduling, then sticking to it, eliminating distractions and sabotages to my time, so I can complete what I set out to do with a happy knack, ahead of schedule, instead of having a big 8 ball chasing me trying to run me down as so often happens. Oh oh, I feel another video clip coming on…

Raiders of the Lost Ark: what a classic movie and example of a Hero’s Journey coupled with a DMP and burning desire – Indiana Jones leaves his safe, easy life as a college professor to endure hardship and peril in search of historic artifacts because of his love for anthropology and antiquities. Interesting to note that the lead actor Harrison Ford has just as much of a Hero’s Journey and DMP in “real life”, knowing that most people don’t live a “real life” as their authentic selves. As the story goes, he was told early in his acting career that he should quit because he would never amount to any as an actor. What a wonderful picture for us – are you still thinking that you’re not unique and don’t have a message the world needs to hear that only you can deliver? Well, just keep on your personal Hero’s Journey of self discovery, looking to your world within and what YOU think, not what everybody else says you should think!

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Week #18 Living on the Leading (Bleeding) Edge Journeying Toward My “More”

leading edge


  1. AERON. the front edge of a propeller blade or airfoil
  2. ☆ a position of leadership, as in cultural or technological advances
Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.


The path to an abundant and prosperous life is so different than I thought. Even the personal, internalized meaning of the words has shifted so much for me.

The back in the mid 90’s. I had a close relationship with the Creator, a great job doing something I liked, with a loving wife and young family, a music hobby that I really liked (I still have them all now too). Life was pretty good. It was darn better than just ok. I had pretty much everything that any ambitious young guy could want. So why was I dissatisfied? I didn’t know. It just wasn’t enough. I wanted to be more, affect more, influence more, have more abundance, more prosperity, more to give cause I realized just having is boring and empty. I have always been a giving person who liked helping others, and I did a lot of giving without expectation of reciprocity, although never having articulated or formalized it as such. I just liked helping people. But I realized that I wasn’t going to get the “more” bits by staying in my job – it was never going to get me to the financial place where I could have any kind of significant effect.

As I was thinking about the above again this week, the Eagles song “Already Gone” came to mind, with these lines of the lyrics that have always jumped out at me every time I’ve listened to it:

You can see the stars and still not see the light (that’s right)
So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key

Yeah I know that the song was really about the relational difficulties and power struggles that were occurring in the band during that time and sadly often seem to accompany huge success in yet another example of a the four small habits in action:

1. Definite Major Purpose (DMP) backed by burning desire
2. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
3. Written Plan of Action (WPOA)
4. Mastermind Alliance (MMA)

But the personal power of the lyrical snippet above comes from the meaning I attribute to it as I overlay it into my own paradigm and situation, as I did (and still do). It’s significant and handy that the following version of the song is from 1995, which marks the start of my journey to discover my “more”.

So now that adequate preparation has been made, the plutonium has been loaded to fuel the flux capacitor, let’s turn the time circuits on and go back to 1995…

Back in 1995 when I realized I wanted “more”, so I did the only logical thing possible: I quit my job of 10 years one day without telling my wife (not recommended – I can feel all you wives out there smiling as you read this), and came home all excited, telling her I was going to start a business.  She has since forgiven me for the “not telling her” part, with my promise that I would NEVER do that again. :)

So began a long, arduous quest for my “more” that included doing contract work, starting two dot com businesses, and several more “regular jobs”.  My approach was that I used to think that thoughts didn’t matter, that my world within, my life within had no effect on my external world, and that I couldn’t control the thoughts that came anyway – “I’m having a bad day”, and so on.

For years and years in my quest for “more” I lived being negative on the inside and positive on the outside using willpower to keep going. But I was desperately miserable for so many years, and made no significant progress that I finally said to my past self “How’s that been workin’ for ya?”. “Not so great!” I finally replied to my past self. I was ready for a change I suppose, although I don’t remember thinking that (remember I thought my thoughts didn’t matter?).

Then I was introduced to a Network Marketing business in early 2011. So finally realizing that I’m really a wannabe lazy networker and don’t want the 24×7 grind and responsibility of a traditional business, I joined. I also realized at that time, in order to get that “more”, I needed to become “more” and change my thinking from negative to positive, . So I started working on myself, read a bunch of books on personal development, worked on actually applying them to my life with some success, but still not consistent, persistent and tenacious enough. I still felt like I needed even “more” to become “more” (is this theme getting tedious?). That’s when I was introduced to MKMMA and I dove in.  You can check it out at this link:

Now Back to the Future.

In the MKMMA course we have been learning to create new habits, change thought processes from a negative bias to a positive bias, and in particular from this week’s lesson, the road to true abundance has been driven home to me once again, in pondering this paragraph from the Master Key System Part 18:

25. It is clear, therefore, that thoughts of abundance will respond only to similar thoughts; the wealth of the individual is seen to be what he inherently is. Affluence within is found to be the secret of attraction for affluence without. The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual. It is for this reason that he who has his heart in his work is certain to meet with unbounded success. He will give and continually give; and the more he gives, the more he will receive.

From this I have learned that gratitude is a cause, not an effect. If I want to get to my “more”, I can’t sit around with my arms folded waiting for good stuff to come to me and then I will be grateful and then I will give. I need to be grateful now and give now, and abundance will come when the time is right and in the form that is right for me, according to God’s timing and perfect plan for my life.

Even more profound than deciding to go find my “more” is discovering that “more” is not a tangible thing, or a destination, it’s the proverbial journey. Sounds cliche until it’s internalized and working to drive me along every day, setting the goal each day to live that day as if it is my last, living by these words from Og Mandino’s Scroll V from The Greatest Salesman in the World:
“This day I will make the best day of my life. This day I will drink every minute to its full. I will savor its taste and give thanks. I will maketh every hour count and each minute I will trade only for something of value.”

So who do I want to be? Still figuring it out, which is ok, because it’s about the journey. One way to illustrate is the song Life’s Been Good by Joe Walsh.  It has always been a favourite of mine, not because of the reckless lifestyle it portrays, but because of his individuality and definiteness of purpose, which I covet for myself, not the “living in hotels and tearing out the walls” part, though it makes for a fun song.

If you found this post entertaining, thought provoking, annoying, or have any reaction at all other than complete yawning boredom (you can also tell me that I bore you tho), I’d love to hear your thoughts about your own experiences and how they compare to mine. And if you want to hear more of this kind of stuff, feel free to subscribe to my list below.

Week #17a HJ Day 6 30Jan15 Avoiding Scattered Consciousness in a Review Week While Simultaneously Developing The 5 Habits of the Compound Complex Progression

How ‘bout that run on sentence as a title? I was trying to overflow the number of characters allowed for the title, but I gave up. :) At first when I thought about writing this, it felt like it was going to be a really boring, dry blog that would be hard to slog thru, and that’s a nasty thing to do to you kind, generous, long-suffering, hardworking folks who are required to read my random rabbling and ranting as part of your requirement to maintain your scholarship. But in looking for the injection of humour, if we fulfill the requirements of the course, the methods will come, right? Yep they did. So after fiddling around with some words that did seem dull and lifeless, I thought of some stuff I’ve been feeling off and on that you might find amusing cause maybe you identify with me. Or maybe you will have a good belly laugh cause unlike me you have all these MKMMA exercises down pat and remember and do them all effortlessly with a happy knack, and maybe you’re even a little mentally obsessed with them at times. Just a little. Nothing extreme. It really doesn’t matter to your enjoyment of this piece. So here goes, with tongue planted firmly in cheek :). Now I’m starting to have fun! :) Ok, sometimes all the stuff I’m asked to do in this course for my own journey of self discovery makes me feel like my head is going to explode. :) Sometimes it’s hard to even remember all the stuff I’m supposed to do so I have to keep going back and reading the workbook instructions, and sometimes I still forget stuff. Sometimes I want my head to explode so I can quit doing it. Maybe that’s the point of being asked to read obituaries this week: so we can be ready for when our heads explode. :) Or maybe just a meltdown like an overheated nuclear reactor. Sometimes I think that the umpteen bazillion synaptic connections in my subby are going to start firing so rapidly that I’ll just meltdown, like when a cheetah that is running at its maximum speed pushing 70 mph has to stop after 60 sec, or the heat being generated from it’s muscles will cause brain damage. Ha! That cheetah should try MKMMA instead of running!

Sometimes I’m mad, sometimes I’m glad about this course. Sometimes my family is mad too, but that’s another whole story. :) But here’s what I know: I am GETTING BETTER. With all the steps forward and backward, there are still a net positive number of steps ahead because I just keep going and going like the energizer bunny. I’m still crazy after all these weeks, I still love this course, the positive life effect it’s having, and the intellectual stimulation of the neurological and life study.

The compounding effect and acceleration of study and learning in this course makes my reading of part one of the master key system seem like a long long time ago, when in reality it was only 17 weeks or about 4 months ago. 4 months is only .5847953% of my current age, a very small part. Hey, here’s a mental challenge for you (like you need another one): if you can figure out how old I am from that information, I’ll send you something cool, if you’re the first person to post it in a comment. Have fun, if you like doing that sort of thing, and if you’re the first, you’ll get a cool prize.

Going through this review week has really helped me reflect on the master key system and realize how I have really only scratched the surface of the depth and breadth of the wisdom contained therein. I want to go back and study it further, perhaps as a lifelong pursuit when the resources generated from my business permit. For the review, in addition to skimming through all parts up until now, I have reviewed and sat on part 11 on Inductive Reasoning, part 13 on Part of the Whole, Part 15 on Insight, and Part 5 on Mental House Cleaning. There have been new insights with every read and it seems like the supply will be inexhaustible with further reading – so much to discover! It’s so amazing to be working on thinking skills and find the “more” I have known was out there and have been searching for so long. I always knew that Paul Simon was right when he wrote “When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School, it’s a wonder I can think at all”. What a different world it would be if kids in grade school were taught to think for themselves they way the Master Key System teaches! But perhaps that would be unwelcome. You can listen to Paul Simon’s entire exposition on the status of the culture in the video below, probably even more true now than when it was created. I especially challenge you to check it out if you have no idea who Paul Simon is, to learn about a significant poetic artist of the 20th century. It’s not a requirement, you don’t have to report to me by Friday :) but your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Personally for me (that’s redundant isn’t it, but I’m leaving it in ‘cause I like the sound of it), one of the biggest benefits of improved thinking so far is the persistence in greater happiness. It’s such a nice feeling to not just wake up happy most mornings, but also to find myself cultivating and beginning to harvest happiness most of the time in most situations now. Sometimes the old blueprint comes back and says things like “you have no right to be happy in this situation, you should be mad because you were wronged”, but I mostly overrule it and again give myself permission to continue being happy, because it just feels better. Most of the time I find myself much calmer in most situations, no matter how tense, whereas before in a tense situation, my blood pressure would rise and my entire being would tense up.

Still find it a bit difficult to remember to do absolutely all the activities every day, and not let the agents of Kaos (see Get Smart) get in the way, but the intention and softness of attitude is there – I really WANT to do it, and I DO get it done most days. I am already feeling much happier and I want to keep it up, and I make this a happy habit from now on, so forgetting will become a non-issue once the activities become firmly implanted in my subby. I see my inner world within in a different light as it changes and my world without changes as a result of my light shining. Now I can look at negativity and it doesn’t affect me as deeply as it used to, when I used to think “oh maybe the world really is a bad bad place”. Now I know it’s up to me to create my own reality and relate to the outside world as I choose to, not letting the economy, political climate, social situations, etc dictate how I feel inside, or steal my joy. I even get the “happy knack” thing every so often, and I look forward to that increasing as well. And the big bottom line is that ultimately God is in control and it will all work out for those who are called according to His purpose.

So I say for the rest of the course, bring it on, benevolent Captains of this great Mind Meld, and let’s get this this thing done, this ship out to the outer reaches of the galaxy, on course by the compass, out there to our ultimate bliss.  Oh, and was I boring?

mind meldStarship Enterprise NCC 1701

Week #17 Day 4 22Jan15 ‘Twas The NARC Before the Big Payoff!!!

This week in my Franklin makeover my virtue is courage, and it seems really ironic to me that I have been struggling with making calls for my business like never before. Adding new people to my list is easy, but calling them isn’t. It’s like my old blueprint is making one last (so I’m believing for) ditch effort to keep the beach head, refusing to relinquish control to the new blueprint who will call every new person and invite them to look at my business, and be completely detached from the outcome, with a happy knack! But I’m persevering with persistence, and prevailing, because I have been making a call to a new unknown person almost every day, and so the biggest and most meaningful example of courage I’ve observed is myself. So last week it was showing myself kindness, and this week courage. I have never looked at myself so much in my whole life, and I’m better than I thought :) I got it done! I used NARC once, couldn’t physically throw away my DMP cause I was out in the car, so I just did it mentally and it worked – I made the call. Another time, it was a REALLY encouraging chat on the phone with another MKMMA member about talking to new people cold. The Go90Grow videos also helped. So what I’ve found is that it’s small steps with everything. It seems so obvious when looking in from the outside: “Duhhhhhhh!!!!” You climb a mountain one step at a time – your legs don’t have to stretch from the bottom to the top all at once. Instead of saying I’m going to make 10 calls, I just say one. Then I can celebrate the fact that I made it that one step, and it IS an accomplishment! And I should not beat myself up for not making 10, or 100 calls, because 1 is SO much better than the zero I will get if I saying I’m going to do 10 or 100. Approaching life from the positive is so much better and more sustainable than the negative like I used to. Threatening myself with annihilation and beating myself up for not taking “massive” action only works temporarily at best, and leaves me discouraged, unhappy and depressed. But taking a small step and achieving leaves me happy, empowered and ready to at least try to do it again. Subby doesn’t know the difference between small and big, right? The Happy Knack applies to small or big, right? Just like with the service card, right? You know it, baby! Combine that with speaking to the contact’s subby by finding out what really matters to them, makes for a winning combination. The small things accomplished give the subconscious the power to act, which leads to “invincible courage” which in turn leads to “attracting to you… the things you silently demand, as illustrated in Part 17.25 and 17.26 of the Master Key System:

25. Remember that fundamentally the subconscious is omnipotent; there is no limit to the things that can be done when it is given the power to act. Your degree of success is determined by the nature of your desire. If the nature of your desire is in harmony with Natural Law or the Universal Mind, it will gradually emancipate the mind and give you invincible courage.

26. Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with an unswerving purpose, you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand.

Gifts from our beloved Og: I am nature’s greatest miracle! I will win! I am a lion, and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep!

If you’re going through the same sort of process as I am, or if you’ve achieving the happy knack thing, please contact me at mrbarnes@telus.net or call me at 604 762 7357 and let’s mastermind about this – I’d love to hear and help and encourage with my story, and be encouraged by your story.

Peace be the Journey!

Week #16 Day 6 16Jan15 Ya Gotta Keep Your Love and Kindness Alive!!

bulk-gerbera-daisies-pink-bulk_bgodiva chocolates

Anonymous Kindness Power

Wow, Wow, WOW! I am still basking in the glow of our DMP mastermind week kindness and wanting so to integrate it permanently into my life. In some ways showing kindness was easy for me because one of my PPNs is Helping Others, so I show kindness to others quite naturally. For the week I managed a total of 48 kindnesses perpetrated or observed. Not a huge number, but still respectable, though I can do better. One of the kindness tasks I completed, I was particularly pleased about. I managed to leave an anonymous gift on the desk of a co-worker who I’ll call Mary, consisting of a bouquet of lovely pink Gerber Daisies, Godiva Chocolates, and a card with a handwritten note telling her how incredibly valuable she is to the organization, how grateful everyone is for her hard work above and beyond expectations, and that her family loves and appreciates her sacrificial love for them, unsigned of course. I was also thrilled that I was able to get it done without anyone who knew me seeing me do it. I had to kinda hide with it in a conference room for a few minutes until the “coast was clear”. The Pink Panther theme comes to mind as I recall that experience of sneaking around, because I certainly am more of an Inspector Clouseau than a 007 Super Spy when it comes to such things :). But hey, when I’m on a mission to show kindness, I get it done! It was such a thrill to know that I had managed to complete the task anonymously, and that I would receive no personal recognition from Mary. I later found out from a friend who knows Mary, in whom I confided my conspiracy of kindness, that Mary had received her work performance review that same day, in which she was evaluated as having exceeded the organization’s expectations of her, and that she was thrilled to get the gift and was left wondering where it came from. So my gift was in harmony with what she was already receiving for her own giving, and the anonymity affected her far more powerfully than it would have had I signed the card seeking acknowledgement of my kindness. Making it anonymous in effect “amplified” the kindness, which was in turn amplified by the power of the mastermind this week! So amazingly amazing!

Kindness Flows Back To Me

epiphany word      epiphany

Then as if my anonymous experience of showing kindness wasn’t enough, this week I also got one of those huge personal payoffs from all this benevolent torture we are putting ourselves through, the massive payoff Mr. Mark J has been preaching about from his digital pulpit every week. When I got up Thursday morning, as I was staggering half asleep into the bathroom toward the toilet, my old blueprint in my subby which never sleeps, immediately got started in on a yummy, peptide rich beat up session and pity party with myself about how my business is (not) going and how I haven’t done nearly the amount of activity I should, how I still don’t like picking up the phone… blah blah blah. Back in the day when one of these delightful events was started inside my head by “me”, “me” would immediately invite his two friends “myself” and “I” to the party, and the three of us would (joyfully – ain’t that ironic?) sink into a lengthy self loathing and deprecation session. I have since learned the law of substitution, even before I started MKMMA (though I didn’t understand it as clearly as I do now), so I immediately called in the peptide police, lights blazing and sirens wailing, and stopped the party in its tracks as I usually do, with some positive thoughts about what I HAVE done well, and a few hearty repetitions of “I am WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS and HAPPY”! This broke up the pity party as usual, but then the epiphany, the revelation, the quickening of the real reason for stopping the pity party came blazing in: Suddenly this thought appeared in my mind in large, friendly letters “BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!!”. Suddenly I realized that having heard “be kind to yourself” for years, it had become trite and familiar, so I would always brush it off with a “yeah, yeah, whatever”, and just go back to beating myself up. But Thursday morning, something shifted, something moved, something shattered, and now I understand in my heart what it means to be kind to myself – the understanding dropped from my head into my heart. What’s so exciting about this is that now instead of having to invoke the law of substitution like a sword against the old blueprint, now it seems more natural to just act the way I want to, evidence that the new blueprint is becoming stronger and taking over. So I am going to continue being kind to myself – it feels pretty nice actually.

Keep the Kindness Alive with Love

But how do I keep this going, keep the kindness happening? It’s not through willpower, plans or programs, as I found. It needs to come from deep inside, from my heart of hearts, from those millions and millions of synapses firing together in harmony. I need to keep my love alive, as is beautiful portrayed as a sonic kaleidoscope in a song of the same name by Ann and Nancy Wilson, the band appropriately called Heart. I have always loved the song, and now it has become my anthem for showing ongoing kindness.  I challenge you to join me and do the same.  Are you in?  Please share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to leave your name and email if you want to keep in touch.

Week #15 Day 5 8Jan15 Insight is Outasite, Man!

Cliche tho it is, I am amazed that Week 15 is almost over, and with each passing week, I find myself digging in more and more to the deep meaning in each master key lesson. Perhaps because I’ve developed a habit, perhaps because I’ve become more of an observer, or just gotten used to reading Haanel’s very esoteric writing style. Like Mark J says, “it really doesn’t matter”. It’s happened. This week’s lesson focuses on Insight, which the Collins dictionary defines thus:

1. the ability to perceive clearly or deeply; penetration
2. a penetrating and often sudden understanding, as of a complex situation or problem
3. the capacity for understanding one’s own or another’s mental processes
4. the immediate understanding of the significance of an event or action

We are the only creatures on this great planet who have the God given ability to observe our mental processes. I think that’s Outasite, as defined in the urban dictionary:

“60’s to ’70’s psychedelic word meaning excellent, fantastic. Probably came from the phrase “out of sight”.”

It’s so amazing that we’ve gained in this course the ability to look at ourselves from the outside, and I’m so grateful that we have the choice not only to observe, but to take action and to choose to substitute one thought for another, to overlay a negative thought with a positive one, by instructing our subconscious mind with its 4 billion synaptic connections to make it so. But the darker side is that we also have the ability to choose to not see the greatness in ourselves, we can instruct those some 4 billion synaptic connections to shut ourselves down and believe we’re not enough

May we always choose the positive, and have a positive energy effect on all around us, find what we already have within us, and use our subconscious to become powerful beyond measure and accomplish our wildest dreams and more.

Week #14 Day 6 2Jan15: Harmonious in Harmony

I love this course and I don’t really like break weeks, especially these past two weeks, when all routines tend go out the window and door, blow out by a violent cyclone of family activity! Don’t get me wrong, I love the family times, but I also love the life progress MKMMA is manifesting. But knowing that our brains don’t take a break, I suspect that this week is yet another deliberate, calculated event by our sinister but ever loving MKMMA mentors to push us a little further toward the edge of the nest, away from the river of dreams, away from the whole world telling us how, what, where, when and why to be… to living from within, from who we really are as we continue this journey of self discovery, which for me is also bringing me closer to my Lord Jesus Christ the Creator, maybe closer than I’ve ever been. So this week I have scheduled and purposed to withdraw enough from the chaos to get my reads and shouts and proclamations loudly to myself with gusto, as well as my master key reads and silent contemplative sits. It has been more difficult being around home so much rather than going to work where my break time is my own, so I have missed a few times, choosing to favour family asking for my attention, and hear less of “why do you disappear down in the basement so much?”

I am a physicist by original training, and though it’s not my current vocation, I am fascinated by the wonder and awe of the scientific references in the master key part 14, and how all things are part of the universal substance, and wisdom, which again for me comes from the Creator. I had not previously given much thought to the fact that all the cells in my body contain intelligence, know what they have to do, what nourishment they need, and even to make choices about that nourishment, but when one considers the complexity of the DNA instructional program contained in each and every cell, it makes total sense. Here’s an excerpt from an article describing some of the intricacies of DNA (from http://www.everystudent.com/wires/Godreal.html):

DNA Double Helix

DNA in our cells is very similar to an intricate computer program. In the photo on the left (see the article at the link above), you see that a computer program is made up of a series of ones and zeros (called binary code). The sequencing and ordering of these ones and zeros is what makes the computer program work properly.

In the same way, DNA is made up of four chemicals, abbreviated as letters A, T, G, and C. Much like the ones and zeros, these letters are arranged in the human cell like this: CGTGTGACTCGCTCCTGAT and so on. The order in which they are arranged instructs the cell’s actions.

What is amazing is that within the tiny space in every cell in your body, this code is three billion letters long!!

To grasp the amount of DNA information in one cell, “a live reading of that code at a rate of three letters per second would take thirty-one years, even if reading continued day and night.” Wait, there’s more.

It has been determined that 99.9% of your DNA is similar to everyone’s genetic makeup.4 What is uniquely you comes in the fractional difference in how those three billion letters are sequenced in your cells.

The thing I find the most fascinating and exciting is that the whole mechanism is all run by our subconscious mind without the intervention of our conscious mind. So as we strive through the active exercises in this amazing course to achieve greater harmony and positivity of mental attitude, we are creating a positive progression within ourselves that creates even greater harmony and positivity in our being, resulting in a loop that feeds itself and becomes greater and greater with less and less effort on our part. I found that this thought developing as I was writing this blog, having considered he limitless depth and breadth of the Harmony of all things and the universal substance in my sits this week as assigned in this week’s exercise. That’s exciting beyond belief!!!

Now I that’s what I call Perpetuating Harmonious Harmony without Redundancy :)